Vincent’s Club 150th Anniversary Project: V150

To mark the 150th Anniversary of Vincent’s the Board of the Vincent’s Appeal Trust Company (VATC) has authorised a major project – known as V150 – whose basic aim is to give the Club a secure future and a role at the heart of Oxford Sport, befitting its traditions and membership. Please read on for more information, see “Ways to Give” at the bottom of the page, or click the link on the right to make an online donation to the club. Please see the bottom of this page for the form to update your details and stay connected with the Club.

These are the main objectives of V150 which are set out in a document: V150: A Blueprint for the Future):

  • To preserve the ethos of the Club and strengthen the principle that it is a “club for members for life”.
  • To ensure that the Club is professionally managed.
  • To provide premises which are fit for purpose and will permit out of term use to generate an additional secure source of revenue.
  • To help the Club develop a more influential voice in University sports’ governance, with the aim of fostering a greater sporting ethos at Oxford.
  • To create the Vincent’s Sports Development Fund for Vincent’s Awards, including an Outreach Programme, to encourage young sportsmen and women to apply to Oxford.
  • To raise the funds needed to fulfil these objectives.

For many years the Club has relied heavily on the support of its non-resident members. Resident members’ dues now cover a small proportion of the Club’s annual running costs. Many non-resident members support the Club through standing orders, often taken out many years ago and never increased. This anniversary appeal aims to encourage all non-resident members to give an annual donation by means of a direct debit. We urge those who already make a contribution to bring this into line with inflation since it was established. We sincerely hope that all those who do not yet make a contribution will take out a direct debit in line following the guidance in the Blueprint.

In addition and in order to undertake essential improvements to the premises and secure a robust financial position from the outset, non-resident members are also asked to consider making a capital gift. VATC has established clear guidelines on how these funds may be employed (details in the Blueprint).

Colin Cowdrey said he wore his Vincent’s tie with “quiet pride”. Another distinguished member who represented his country in two sports, has calculated his contribution on the basis of £1 for every time he donned his tie; the result is a significant capital gift to V150. Most clubs charge their members for the privilege of wearing their tie.

Ways to Give:

You can donate online via the university’s online giving pages, in particular, you will find the following there:

  • Direct debitpaper and online forms to make a regular donation. The online form can also be used to make a one-off donation by credit/debit card.
  • Capital Giftpaper form to make a capital gift to the V150 appeal.
  • Annual Gift – paper form to make an annual donation to the club’s running costs.
Please Update your Details using this linked Data and Communications Form
Data Protection legislation is becoming more onerous and before long we will need your explicit consent to contact you, especially if anything we send is deemed to be marketing or fundraising. If we do not have your written consent to mail or e-mail you, we may not be able to contact you in the future. We also need your email as the prohibitive cost of mailings means that in future our communications will almost exclusively be by electronic means. Furthermore there are far too many gaps and errors in our data meaning that we do not have college, year of election or sport noted for many of you.
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