Outreach Activities


Over the past four years we have established a regular summer sports camp for local Oxfordshire children in the final years of Primary Education. This programme was the initiative of a few members keen to encourage the scholar athletes of the future and the promote the important role that competitive sport plays in a balanced lifestyle. The outreach programme aims to show school children that sport and academia can both be pursued simultaneously and further, that they complement one another.

The scope of the program is promising and exciting. In the near future we will be able to reach a greater number of pupils in and around Oxford and will be able to mentor pupils in secondary education. There may well be capacity to use our Outreach experience in Oxford and contacts with charitable foundations such as the Harry Birrell Scholarship Trust and UmRio to engage in camps overseas.

We pledge to support student-athletes of all ages and ability in Oxfordshire. By raising aspirations, every young life we reach will be enhanced through exposure to the sporting and academic ideals upon which Vincent’s Club is founded.

The Vincent’s Outreach camp this year was formative and magical for the children who took part and we are looking forward to getting more kids involved in the next one.

Ms Rauf, SSMJ Year 6 Head